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Stained Glass

Stained Glass Supplies

Stained glass is often a versatile form of artwork that includes beauty and magnificence to any room at home.

Decorating with stained glass not only allows you to enhance the worth of your property, but accounts for that private unique touch that may be added in many different areas.

Mosaic Supplies

Stained Glass Panels

Stained glass panels can be used to transform your windows and walls. Stained glass panels are among the most regularly chosen varieties of stained glass projects. The flexibility in design, decoration are key factors in popularity. Glass panels may be inserted into window frames, transoms, cabinets, doors, sidelights, in addition to utilized to adorn windows and walls. The appearance of a panel is unlimited. Any subject or design comes alive through the use of different colors of glass, textures and dimensions. Although glass panels are basically one dimensional, using overlays, wire and 3-dimensional objects (IE. shells, plates, layers, etc) your panel may have a 3-dimensional appearance. There is no downside to shape and size, as you design your panel to fit the actual size and shape you'll need. Basically, if you can dream it, you'll be able to construct it.

Stained Glass Mirrors

Seeking that perfect gift for that significant other in your own life? Stained glass mirrors may provide you with the answer for a amazing present idea. Combining a standard little bit of mirror with the help of colorful stained glass just as one accent provides for a special piece of artwork. I've built mirrored pieces by using strips of stained glass as a possible access. Creating different sizes and shapes of stained glass in addition to varied sizes of mirror also works well. A number of my creations include pieces that we have hung centered over the sofa which reflects the sunshine already being received by the bedroom. Smaller bits of combined mirror and stained glass might be more desirable for that bedroom or bath.


Stained glass projects offering a 3d effect within their design are interesting conversational pieces too. These are generally oftentimes anchored into a decorative wood base and might be best displayed when intent on the top of a table. Other 3d projects include boxes, terrariums, card holders, desk organizers, clocks and lamps.

Custom Sized Panels

Many experts have my experience that implies a stained glass creation could be better displayed if it's custom-built to suit into a preexisting opening. When properly built as outlined by that spec, the end result can look better with little if any light received from across the outer frame from the glass. A custom feel is very desirable and you will be well worth the extra effort involved.

Cabinet Door Inserts

One common place that may surely create interest rates are the addition of an original bit of stained glass anchored in a highly visible cabinet door. This is often a little tricky when sizing it on the door for a way it's likely you have to connect it, however, with the addition of glass shelves as well as an electrical light within the the top of cabinet, the results will probably be something will enjoy any time you look at it down the road. Prepare yourself that if you do not possess a light inside the cabinet, it might not seem you realized.


When walking through a big box hardware store, you could possibly increasingly notice the abundance of "stained glass" utilized in the fixed glass part of entry doors. Although these are excellent invitations for someone to go in your own home, you possibly will not get the design you specifically requirement of your home. You could make your own. There exists special metal frames which can be used to safely insert and hold your own personal creation with a typical sidelight. By doing this you can select the best colors for top look.

Cased Opening Accents

Many homes currently offer an abundance of wood trim and this usually carries a pass through a wall into another room which may not include any doors, but most likely includes the jamb and casing. Designs can be integrated into these openings nearby the intersection from the top horizontal jamb each side jamb. It's much like envisioning an inverted bookend kind of accent.

Remembering when building any stained glass panel that natural or artificial light behind the artwork will certainly make the glass look better. Colors tend to be defined and the entire piece will "pop" with absolute brilliance. Textured glass might be necessary at this time to best illustrate the subject taking place.

Frequently, I mount my stained glass pieces in wooden frames this tend to give substance to their appearance. Wooden frames can be created from any specie of lumber available and of course to your size. Sizing includes the thickness and width with the frame at the same time. Try not to get too large and accidentally remove the focus in the stained glass itself. Experiment with colors of stain too, to tug your important colors in your stained glass.

Reality is, you truly can't go wrong when producing your own stained glass. There are infinite mixes to be explored by utilizing different colors, textures, sizes, shapes of glass not forgetting framing materials. There's nothing right or wrong, You're the artist. Have a great time!

Post by stainedglasssupplies1 (2016-12-17 22:35)

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